The International Day of the Girl Child

So, the 11th of October 2016 was the International Day of the girl child, and I start seeing  posts of “I stand with Boys” in Nigeria.

Seriously, why do people like to hijack a message? I mean this is a day to create awareness of the discrimination the girl child faces because of her gender. Why would you hijack it?

The boy child is not given out in marriage before they turn 18, and robbed off their childhood as a result, the girl child is.

The boy child doesn’t suffer from fistula, the girl child does.

The male child is not deprived of education because of his gender, the female child is.

Gender Selective abortion (the abortion of a fetus because it is female) happens because boys are believed to be of  more value than girls.

Extreme poverty and gender bias creates discrimination that keeps girls, not boys from living up to their full potential. In most societies, as we know culture and religion, relegate women to just domestic affairs stopping them from achieving their dreams.

Yes, stand with the girl child to raise awareness and eliminate the different types of discrimination and abuse against her gender.

Stand with the Girl child to eradicate negative cultural attitudes and practices against her gender.

Religion, Culture and everything you can think of is already standing for the male child. Who is standing for the girl child? She needs you and I to stand for her, so stand with GIRLS…

When you educate a girl, you educate a nation.


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