14-year-old Girl Married-off To Her Abductor

This is one story making headlines that makes my heart bleed. At this day and age, someone can just kidnap a child, convert them to another religion and get married to them. This is happening right here in Nigeria.

They said the girl gave her consent to marriage.  How in the world, can a 14-year-old child consent to marriage? She is not even eligible to vote but yet she can give her consent to a marriage.  For all I care she was forced into marriage because as a child she is unable to make decisions for herself.

For crying out loud, this girl should be in school. These things baffle me; they make me sick to my stomach.  At the end of the day, these girls become victims of sexual abuse, and physical violence by their so called husbands.

These old men are just paedophiles, using religion to cover up their despicable act. You see, this is my problem with religion, but let me not digress.  

So anyway, she was asked three questions by the Kaora Katsina, on behalf of the emirate council.

1.       whether she was forcefully converted to Islam, to which she replied no.

2.       whether any body forced her into the marriage with the emir’s aide, to which she also answered no.

3.        whether by the time she met her husband, she was already experiencing menstrual period, to which she answered yes.

The Kaora Katsina said, “The three questions are in line with the dictates of the Islamic religion. Since Isyaku has voluntarily answered the three questions in our presence, there is no going back on her marriage.”- can you just imagine that? Marriage to a minor.

It doesn’t matter the religion of the child; this is child abuse and should be a crime. Where are the laws to protect the vulnerable children from abuse? How do we deal with the issue of child marriage in Nigeria?

It is time to put an end to this thing called child marriage but religion will never allow us to do the right thing. It sucks!!!!


Link to article below:

Emir Of Katsina Explains Why 14-year-old Girl Was Married-off To Her Abductor








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