Hypocrisy of Nigerians

Okay, so after President Buhari made the comment that his wife belonged to his kitchen, his bedroom and the other room there has been a public outcry on the Naija cyber space.

And then I see some guys posting pictures of their wives saying “my wife does not belong in the kitchen”. Abeg, y’all should grab a seat, hypocrisy at its finest. You all that use religion and culture to confine a woman to the kitchen and bedroom, have now found your voice abi?

I was honestly surprised to see these people attacking the president for speaking their minds.

There was a certain man of God who advised his congregation not to marry a woman who couldn’t cook, clean or pray for one hour. Another Man of God said that marriage was not a partnership, the husband was the master and woman was created as an afterthought to help the man, and all the other misogynistic bullshit you can think of.

When these men expressed their patriarchal and chauvinistic views these same people  who came out with their daggers to criticize the president for his comments about his wife, used their religious books to defend these men, back then.

Y’all are hypocrites, you come out in droves to attack the president for saying the exact same thing your men of God say, for which you applaud them and even deep your hands in your pocket to give an offering for hearing the truth.

Oh! I get it!!!. He didn’t back his own with Bible chapters and verses.

Dear men, your wife belongs wherever she wants to belong. She is not your property that you can tell to belong somewhere. She is a human being.

If you are a woman and you don’t see anything wrong with any man (pastor or whoever) saying a woman belongs in the kitchen, no matter her qualification and achievements in life, then you obviously have a serious problem. 

All those clapping for and hailing Pastors Adeboye and Oyakhilome but condemning the president, shey you see that you don’t have sense? You definitely need a brain transplant.


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