True love doesn’t hurt

So I just read a post where a woman is asking for advice. A man tells you that he is entitled to have girlfriends after marriage and you, as a woman with, went ahead married him and had kids. Is it that you don’t have a brain or what?  Why in the world, would you marry someone like that? What the hell is wrong with Nigerian women?

Now she is asking for advice on what to do because, one of his girlfriends is pregnant and she has discovered that he has contracted HIV.  He didn’t even tell her, she found out her self. What did she expect? I guess she must have thought that having several night vigils in the war room would change the man.

The fact that she is even asking for advice is what I am not understanding. What kind of advice do you need? What in the world, are you still doing with a man who disrespects and doesn’t give a shit about you? You should be gone already, taking your children with you. It ain’t rocket science.

Honestly as women we put up with a lot of this kinda shit, all in the name of being Mrs somebody. Oh! I see, you don’t want people to laugh at you so you would rather stay dejected in a hopeless marriage.

We need to learn to let go when a relationship is not working. The truth is you cannot make someone stay in love with you, simply because LOVE is a choice. At times we hold on to a bad relationship because we believe we would not find anything better.

You know that saying “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”. This is what we say to ourselves to remain in a toxic and abusive relationship. We don’t realise that, the angel we don’t know may be actually better than the devil we are currently with.

Life is beautiful and you deserve to be happy, never bargain with that. Why would you want to waste all the years with someone who makes you unhappy, cry very night and makes you feel less of yourself? You think that’s part of love? True love doesn’t hurt, please don’t convince yourself that misery and sorrow is a part love.

We need to realise that the end of a relationship is not the end of our lives.  We shouldn’t live, like our whole existence depends on a person’s presence in our lives.



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