If Hillary Clinton was a Nigerian woman

This made me laugh so hard.  Couldn’t agree more with her. Sadly this is the unfortunate truth of Nigerian women. someone once asked me, how women like Theresa May, Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel cope with being married. Well these women get married to men who see them as human beings first, who have dreams and ambitions before seeing them as women and wives.  

Read below:     

If Hillary Clinton was a Nigerian woman and APC Presidential Candidate this is how her interview will go:

” Nigerian Journalist “: You have been a First Lady and Senator even the Secretary of State in all this how did your husband cope?

Hillary: I thank God for my husband he is very good and supportive, infact as I was making his breakfast this morning he was happy
(shows pictures of herself making breakfast for Bill)
N.J: You mean with all your campaign and busy schedule you still find time to cook for your husband

Hillary ; Ah yes oh, that is my primary duty, I cook for him and wash his boxers no one can do that while I am alive. In fact if I have to travel for meetings when I was Secretary of State I will cook and send it through private jet hot and fresh. Immediately I return home I will rush to hand washing boxers.

N. J: Wow madam you are a real humble African Queen, how did you handle the cheating Scandal with Monica, I mean why did your husband have to cheat, were you too busy to satisfy him? And how are you sure that if you become President now you won’t be too busy and push him into the hands of other strange women!?

Hillary: Hmmmmmm, you know as a woman everything is prayer, one has to be steadfast, when my husband cheated I realised it was because my hair was too long since then I cut my hair and to the glory of God no more cheating since then, in fact even as President if my husband wants me no matter who I am meeting with I will excuse myself and go and meet him, you know the home is in the hands of we women. Men are babies.

In fact there is this movie war room, I advise every woman whose home is being threatened by a strange woman to buy and watch, don’t let strange women ruin your home be prayerful

N. J: You have only one child and you have not given your husband a son are you not worried?

Hilary: It is well God that did it for Sarah will do it for me.

N. J: What is your advise to young women, you know many young women this days are saying they want to be equal to men they want to be like men, the divorce rate is so high because of that.

Hillary: Young ladies should be humble, they should stoop to conquer and talk to their husbands with small voice.

N.J: Finally, your daughter just had another baby how will you cope with campaign and omugwo?

Hillary: aah leave campaign first I am on my way to Omugwo, election can wait this is my duty.

Thank you Ma, you are very humble”

Na who do “us” this thing???!!!  

**Written by Aishatu Ella John**

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