l learnt life began in Ile-Ife

So today, I read briefly about Olodumare, Orishas, and Obatala.

Very interesting story, I must say. We have a very rich history which we have chosen to forget. I want to talk about the part of how humans were made:

Just like Jesus, Obatala is the child of God. Olodumare, the father, permitted him to descend from the heavens, create land over the waters, and make human from clay.

 Obatala molded humans from the clay in the earth who were brought to life by Olodumare’s breath. As he worked, he became tired and needed a rest. He took the fruit from the palm tree, made palm wine and drank.

The humans he molded while drunk did not look like the others, but he did not notice. This part of the creation story shows that defects occur in nature unlike the perfect creation story of Adam and Eve. Okay, they said that it started happening after they ate the forbidden fruit and sin came into the world.

 The Yoruba’s believe he made dwarfs, cripples, people with missing limbs, and those suffering from devastating illness while he was drunk. As such when someone suffers because of a defect, such as organ or limb malfunction, or hereditary flaw, Obatala is most kind-hearted because he knows that he shares part of the blame. You see this part; he is not like the one that they said strikes us with mental illness because some people ate the forbidden fruit.

 I asked myself: How in the world are we able to believe that life started in the Garden of Eden instead of Ile-Ife? Why is it easy for us to believe the story of Adam and Eve with our might and soul and then disregard the other one as a folk tale? I mean this is our story, our history, this is part of who we are.

We have chosen to discard our identity and follow the white man blindly. Even the white man that brought this Christianity to us does not carry it on their head like bread, the way Nigerians do. We fight and kill because of our religious differences.

I hear Halloween is creeping into Nigeria now, I can bet that if Halloween was one of ours, my people would say it is devilish and occultic, but because it is from the white man, it is gaining popularity.

Why can’t we just be ourselves? Why can’t we look in the mirror and embrace our identity. We don’t celebrate and promote our own festivals, history and culture. We are so busy trying to be like the white man, that we have lost our identity.

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