She did it all…….

November 30th, 2016 – The day I got the call that my mother died. My whole world stopped for a moment. It still feels surreal, like a dream, one which I pray to wake up from, every night I go to bed. But I guess, I will not wake up from this dream until the day I die. I am broken, I am sad, I am angry. How can my mother die? She was just 60years old. She was still young.

You see, it’s not like I thought that my mom would live forever but I thought that she would be blessed with a long life, because that’s one of the promises of the Bible that she so much believed in.

My mom ate, drank, and slept the Bible. She prayed and fasted; Oh! she was what you would call a prayer warrior. She was a devout Christian and it showed in her way of life. She believed so much in the Bible and all its promises, meant for the children of God. She never thought that she would die at a young age, because she called herself the ‘Daughter of Zion’ and He always kept his promises to his people, and she had believed that with all her heart. She loved God so very much. She took church activities very seriously and was a worker in the church. She paid her tithes, offerings and even attended vigil most of the time. She did the whole shebang.

She always said that, He (God) has promised to satisfy us with long life and that untimely death will never be our portion. She said the children of God will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; and so many other promises and she believed them without any doubt.

They said Bimbo Odukoya and Myles Munroe also died young. You see, I don’t know how they (or any other person) lived their life away from the cameras or outside the four walls of their churches, but I know how my mother lived hers. She was the definition of the Christian woman. You know the virtuous woman that the bible talked about? That was her!

The pastor said God had called her back home because she had accomplished her mission on earth and she was now in a ‘better place’. Maybe, that would have made a bit of sense if he didn’t ask people to pray against the spirit of untimely death in their lives, right after saying that. I guess nobody wants to go to the ‘better place’, so soon. Funny, isn’t it?

My mother’s death just reinforced my belief that this whole religion thing is just a farce; because If it were true, my mom would still be here with us today. I know how hard she must have prayed and fasted before walking into that stupid hospital. Irrespective of your religion, what will happen, will happen and prayers don’t do shit, because the family prayed, friends of the family prayed, the whole church prayed but it didn’t change anything. Her tithes, her offerings, her sleepless nights away from the comfort of her bed, didn’t give her the long life that was promised to those faithful to him.

They say Gods way is not our way and we can’t understand his ways. So then, why do we have the bible telling us his ways and how he operates? How can we possibly know and understand him? Why are we even trying to understand him? Life is a mystery which we can never understand. God has given us freewill and this means, random events can and do occur, which God has no control over. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Anything can happen to anyone, irrespective of your religion.

There are no words to describe the pain you feel, when you see your parent (or a loved one) lying motionless in a casket and then being put under the earth and covered up, forever and ever; No, there is no pain that beats that. They say time will heal the pain, but NO, time cannot heal this pain, it just numbs the pain and helps you to carry on with life without the person. You can never be healed from this kind of pain.

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