My Mother, My God

I said to someone quite recently, that since my mom has passed, she can be my God now.

He looked at me like I was from another planet.

But you see, the mother-child relationship is one that you can’t put into words. I cannot find the words to describe all the beauty of the love of a mother. Her love is constant and forever.

My mother made me. I was made in her image

She has been my pillar of strength.

She knows me and I know her. We are friends.

She loves me the way I am, irrespective of flaws and faults. She still loves and forgives.

Her love for me will never die.

I know that she loves me and would do anything for me.

She would go hungry to see me eat.

Now she has passed on, I can pray and talk to her and believe she will guide me in the right direction because her love for me is everlasting.

She wouldn’t turn her back and see me burn and roast in Hell fire. My mom would jump into that fire, get burnt just to pull me out of it and keep me safe.

Yes, I believe there is a God. He is in the form of the woman I call my sweet darling Mother.

If there is a God, it has to be her.

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