Catch Them Young, He Says

See this mumu!! Anuofia!!

So, a teacher in a mixed secondary school in Nigeria, was advising his followers to “catch girls young” when they are still in secondary schools. Just imagine that, coming from a teacher who is supposed to protect and nurture these young girls in his care.

Why am I not surprised? Ask Nigerian men what they want in a woman and the first thing most will probably say is; “I want a woman who is HUMBLE” and that will most likely followed by “she should be SUBMISSIVE”.

The truth is that most Nigerian men want a woman they can control.

Here is a teacher advising men to propose to young girls when they are set to sit for WASSCE and NECO Exams because they are naive and N100 is enough to feed her. You see how wretched he thinks. For crying out loud, parents put these children under his care and he is meant to protect them.

Okay, so the average age at which most girls finish secondary school is about 16 years. He says keep an eye on senior secondary school girls, because they are loyal and naive, which means he is encouraging men to start having sexual interest with girls as young as 13 years, basically grooming young girls to meet your desires.

How can a grown man, a teacher for that matter be encouraging men to propose to under aged girls? Acting like men are doing the girl a favor by marrying her straight out of secondary school. Like the main purpose of a woman in life is to get married. What happens to the girls dream? I just can’t deal men!

In my opinion, such a man shouldn’t be around young girls. We don’t even know if he has not already molested some of the girls in his school,

So, you mean this man cannot think of ways to help his female students other than proposing for them to be married off.

We have a lot of work to do to change the narrative that a husband is the crown of a woman.

Well, I’m going to teach my girl to aim and fly high, and associate with men who think like her and not men looking for someone to massage their wretched egos.

catch them young

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