An Act of Goodwill Or Not?

A few days ago, I read this from BraveHeart Initiative’s page:

Few days ago, our revered Apostle Suleiman extended his generosity to inmates of Auchi Prison, Edo State, Nigeria. A total of seven inmates benefited from his assistance. He requested for a list of those whose verdict carried options of fines and the Prison Authority obliged him.

Four of the Seven beneficiaries were from Akoko-Edo LGA. Three out of the four were recently convicted for sexual offences. As a matter of fact, those three were convicted from the cases that BraveHeart Initiative intervened on. Recall the 3yr old girl that was brutally defiled at Dagbala and the 16yr old girl that was gang raped at the outskirt of her School Compound in Ososo. The families of these survivors went through a traumatic process to facilitate justice. Remember also, that BraveHeart Initiative had expressed dissatisfaction with option of fines in the verdicts of both cases. The fourth beneficiary from Akoko-Edo was convicted for theft/burglary. He was previously convicted for rape.

Therefore, the four of them are all convicted SEXUAL OFFENDERS.

The Irony of it all is that the Man of God’s good will is already being abused. The mother of Peter (convict from Dagbala) went harassing the parents of the little girl. Rather than ensure that his son is reprimanded to prevent reoccurrence, she took to mockery praise singing of God’s miraculous release of her son. The parent of that little 3yr old girl has been traumatized since return of the convict two days ago. The girl herself is deeply traumatized and need a therapist.

This is a wake-up call to each of us. There is need for synergy and strengthened support for survivors of sexual violence…………BraveHeart Initiative.

After reading that, i said to myself, so, Apostle Suleiman, the self-proclaimed “man of God” did not see any other good deed to do with money but to go and pay for the release of sex offenders, one of them who raped a 3yr old girl. It raises the question why someone found guilty of raping a 3-year-old girl be given an option of fine? Someone who rapes a 3 year old girl is definitely not normal.  I am not a Lawyer, but I’m not sure I understand this crappy judgement? So if these criminals had the money, they could have just paid the fine and walked away free? This makes me really, really, sad and angry. I worry for the millions of young Girls and Women not protected by the government and failed by the justice system in Nigeria. The system is flawed and has failed this little girl and many other victims.

I guess it just goes to show how rape is viewed in the society, the offenders usually go away with a slap on the wrist. I mean the punishment for the offence is meant to be severe to deter people from committing the crime.

Another thing is, how he (the Apostle) would pay for the fines of convicts without doing some background checks on the convicts? Checks like the crime these people committed, how long they’ve been in prison, if they have a history of crime etc. How do you skip all these checks and just bring people of of jail? My guess is that the Apostle just wanted to trend on the social media that he was did something “noble and good” with the tithes and offerings he collects from his congregation.

The mother of the convict, mocking the little girl’s parents, singing praises that God has miraculously released her son. God works in mysterious ways, right? How do you explain that to the little girl? Pause for a moment to think of the trauma the little girl and her family are going through.

If there is really Heaven and Hell, Nigeria is indeed Hell..

One thought on “An Act of Goodwill Or Not?

  1. The legal system in Nigeria is fundamentally flawed. All the judges involved in these cases should be taken off the bench as consequences for their lackadaisical attitude towards justice. Should I pray that one of these released sexual offenders molests the apostle’s female family members? Maybe, when that happens, he will stop being a miracle worker to the devil and his agents.


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