Why are Naija Christians So Insensitive?

I got the news of a very dear friend loosing her mom. Images of her visit to me in January, when i lost my mom flashes through.

I was still trying to process the whole thing when I pick up my phone and then in a group chat someone describes how they had an accident a few years back, on a particular road that accidents happen frequently and many people lost their lives as a result, but this person somehow survived. Then someone responds saying, “God always saves his own”.

And then the “Amens” and” Praise the Lord” troop in.

Why would you think it’s okay to say, “God always saves his own”, in a group chat? I mean, you don’t know if someone in the group has just suffered the loss of a loved one.

And then, I wondered if all those that have passed on untimely are of the devil and I asked myself; Why are Naija Christians are so insensitive? Because they truly are. Why does something terrible need to happen to others before they feel special, protected and loved by God. I will never understand the Nigerian God.

I wondered if there was anything wrong with the words; “I’m glad you are okay” and why they cannot just say that.

And then I remembered the Grenfell Tower disaster or the terrorists’ attacks in the UK, of all the victims that were interviewed, that I watched, I never heard anyone talk about how God saved them from the tragedies because;

They just finished a prayer and fasting session or,

They pay their tithes or,

God never leaves nor forsakes his own or,

They are Gods children, or the many other clichés Nigerians use; as that would be an insensitive thing for the people mourning their loved ones to hear.

I remember when I visited Nigeria a couple of years back, the loud sound of speakers and noisy prayers at night from the church behind my house kept me awake all through the night. They wouldn’t let me have a peaceful night sleep. I was literally worshipping with them, right in my bedroom. By force worship oh!

If the noise was not coming from the church behind, it will come from someone who goes around the neighbourhood with his Megaphone at 5am in the morning. He would stand right in front of our gate shouting and screaming disturbing the peace of other residents, all in the name of worshipping God. Is that not the height of insensitivity? If it isn’t, what is it then?

I told my mom that the next time I visit Nigeria and that man with the Megaphone stands in front of our gate to do his usual screaming and shouting charade, I would ask him if it was fair to disturb people still trying to catch some sleep. I mean, if you are awake, does that mean everyone should be awake with you? My mom just laughed and said, the man would see you as the devil, that is trying to stop him from preaching Gods word. I said to her, let me be the devil for one day so that I can get weeks of beauty sleep before I leave Nigeria.

Can they ever stop being so insensitive?

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