Women not equal with Men – Tiwa Savage

The issue of gender equality has once again arisen with Tiwa Savage promoting the dogma that men are natural leaders at home, no matter the success of the woman.

On a radio show she said;

 “I also don’t think men and women are equal, I don’t think that’s how God created us, especially in the household anyway.

“So, I think as females when we realise that we can be strong in our career, when we are home we have to realise that the man is the head of the house.”

I don’t know what is wrong with all these Naija celebrities sha. A few weeks back, Mona Lisa Chinda said women had Okro mouth that is why men beat them up. This is coming from a woman who had suffered domestic violence in her previous Marriage.

It is so annoying when women like Tiwa Savage and co. drag women centuries back and endorse patriarchy on air.

I remember last year when all that drama with her husband unfolded and she gave an explosive tell-all interview, revealing how he cheats on her, how he doesn’t contribute to the upkeep of their son and how he diverts company money to his personal accounts. Basically, he was a sorry ass for a husband.

However, she had covered up for him because she wanted people to believe that he was the head of the house, he’s the one that takes care of her. She said she wanted him to feel like a man, so she covered up so many times.

Unless she was a very good actress, at that time she spoke, she looked broken and came across as a woman who was a victim of patriarchal societal norms and pressures. She talked about the misconception of our society and the effect it had on her as a Nigerian woman.

Fast forward to this year and she is now a guardian and custodian of patriarchy. Well, all I can say is that Tiwa Savage is one hell of a confused woman.

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