If a wife does to me, what Aisha Buhari did she will return to her parent’s house

So  I read that a senator, Senator Rowland Owie, said that if his wife went public to criticize him the way Aisha Buhari did to her husband, he would send her packing from his house back to her father’s house.

He even said HIS house, like the house is not supposed to be meant for him and his wife. Ask me why this man didn’t just say, I will divorce her? because he had to talk like a man. A man that owns a woman, one who probably spent a huge sum of money to acquire his wife.

Can you just believe that? You will return a full grown ass woman to her parents’ house, like she’s some commodity you picked up from the shelf in a department store. That is how Dino Maleye, also advised Nigerians not to only patronise goods made in Nigeria, but also made-in-Nigeria women.

Kai, women have suffered oh!!! Such statements are derogatory and offensive. It just shows you how some Nigerian men see women- mere commodities.

Dear women please do everything within your power to make sure you are empowered and financially independent from all these men.

Do you know that in some places, a woman is not allowed name a child? Imagine that!!! A woman gets pregnant, goes through all the symptoms including the physical and emotional changes associated with pregnancy. (If you’ve ever been pregnant you will know that it’s not as easy task).

She carries the child for nine months, goes through excruciating labour pain or a caesarean section to have the baby (none is easier, by the way). I mean, the woman does all the work and then you will say she cannot give her own child a name. Now, that’s just absurd. She is just meant to stay in the background while the men decide the name of her child. She has no say because, she is a woman. I know a couple, the husband told the wife, that in his place a women don’t name a child, but this woman put her feet down and she was able to give her child the name she wanted.

I mean at the very least the couple should decide the name of their child. The child is going to take the man’s last name anyway.  So what’s the big deal?

I see a lot of these things and it’s so depressing…



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