The DNA Brouhaha In Naija

A guy made a post about a man who has been in the UK asking for good hospitals he could have a DNA done to check if he was the father of his children. The post went viral and was misunderstood to mean that he (the poster) was calling on men to go and conduct DNA on their children which was not the case as he simply posted a request he received. Apparently, he received a lot of death threats from women accusing him of trying to break homes by encouraging men to conduct DNA on their children.

As expected, this caused a lot of reactions from people with many cursing out the women for having affairs while married, getting pregnant and allowing their husbands to raise the child(ren). You know, in our society it is acceptable for a man to cheat but it is a taboo for the woman. They say, men are polygamous in nature, they are wired that way.

If it was the man who had a child outside marriage, society would expect the wife to forgive him and accept the child and the truth is that most women would. Why should it be different for the woman?

You know what? DNA result would not matter much, if you loved your wife how Christ loved the church. Our Naija men will not remember that part of the Bible, they only carry the verse where it says the woman should be submissive to her husband on their heads, like Agege bread.

At least now we are getting to see that cheating is not gender based and no gender has the monopoly of cheating.

I found the write up below written by Arinola BA quite interesting:


Dear married man,

I am sure you have read and heard stories of how married women are told to accept any child their husbands father out of wedlock to prove that they are virtuous women.

I advise you to be the same way.

If you discover that your wife has brought in one or two children from outside, be a virtuous man and take them in.

That is what marriage is all about.

Don’t lose your home because of that.

You cannot prevent your wife from seeing handsome men. It will take the grace of God for her not to cheat but if it happens, just understand that she is only human. Forgive your wife and don’t let the strange man win.

The strange man is out to ruin your home. Strange men are agents of the devil. Don’t lose your wife to him. Hold your wife’s hands and pray the strange man out of your marriage. A wise man builds his home.

Love your wife like never before during those times. Make love to her more often so she can quickly forget about the other man.

Fight for your marriage, oh virtuous man.

Fight for your wife.

Fight on your knees in the war room.

Intercede for your marriage.

If you lose your wife, it is the other man who will end up winning.

Don’t let another man take your place.

Guard your home, oh virtuous man.

And oh virtuous man, once the strange man is out, never bring up the issue again.

Forgive and forget about the issue.

Now, if your wife has the habit of sleeping with different men, it is most likely because there is something you are not giving her at home. It is most likely because you have failed in some responsibilities as a man.

Sit down and think about why your wife is straying.

Do you watch her favorite movies with her?

Do you dress well and smell nice for her?

Strange men of this world know how to do these things.

Give your wife what she needs and please, don’t stop praying for her.

Don’t lose your home because she is cheating.

Intercede for your marriage and meet her needs.

With time, she will change.


How does this sound to you?

Annoying, right?

Yes, it is.

That is what many women are told.

Stop preaching such trash to women.

Sleeping around has no place in a marriage.

If you are a man or woman who sleeps around, you need to change your ways.

It is not only the woman who should be faithful; the same applies to the man

***Written by Arinola BA***


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